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Low Absorbency Men's Incontinence Products

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Low Absorbency Men's Incontinence Products Online

Men's Adult Diapers OnlineLet’s face it, the level of absorbency that you require out of your incontinence products varies depending on your own personal heath situation. 

We are not here to judge, and Discreetly Dignified continues to stress that incontinence is a perfectly normal part of life.  In fact, more people have it than you my even realize.  Men with low absorbency needs now have the complete services of Discreetly Dignified at their fingertips with our online adult diaper delivery service. 

Our products are shipped directly to your front door, in unidentifiable boxes, and can even be set up for automatic reorder if you choose.

You can check out all of our men's incontinence products or scroll up for men's low absorbency incontinence items.

When considering buying our Attends, Tena, or Prevail adult incontinence products for men, take time to review your own personal health situation or that of whom you’re making the purchase for. Low absorbency men’s incontinence products are meant for lesser instances of uncontrolled bowel movements. Specifically for protecting against future minor incidents, our low absorbency incontinence products are available for men of any age who don’t want to worry about their body in public.

From now on, drop the term “adult diaper”. Reinforce your dignity with the discreet and respected services that we offer. Contact us at 1-800-246-7647 for more information!

Dignified at Any Age

Whether you’re 65 or just turning 30, our incontinence products are meant to help keep your mind off your body. Never treat your uncontrollable functions as an embarrassment. Incontinence is just as common as asthma and sleep apnea in U.S. male adults. Whether you’re fighting a temporary illness or are safeguarding against a long term dysfunctional bowel system, there are many reasons why men of all ages buy incontinence products.

Short Term Use 

It is a common misconception that only seniors use incontinence products. Although this myth is widely accepted, there are many other reasons someone may choose to shop at Discreetly Dignified other than reaching a certain age.

Having no control over bowel functions can be caused by a number of short term situations:

  • Constipation
  • Laxative use
  • Emotional problems
  • Injuries
  • Stress

One of the most unreported instances of uncontrolled bowel movements happens after the consumption of alcohol. Many people associate adult incontinence products with elderly adults because of the negative stigma that has developed regarding old age. It may be hard to admit, but a lot of young adults could in fact benefit from Discreetly Dignified’s products based on their lifestyle.

Although not overbearingly common, young adults can find themselves in a situation where they have uncontrollable bowel movements after consuming alcohol. Reported to happen overnight, adults of any age can find themselves waking up to a situation that could have benefitted from the safeguard of an incontinence product.

No matter your age, excessive alcohol consumption can have an impact on your body. Being aware of this before you choose to drink can help you protect yourself against future incidents. With different types of discreet male adult pull ups and pads available, you can keep your dignity at any age.

Now sure how to buy adult diapers? Let us help you. Check out our Best Fit Locator to help you determine what style, brands, and absorbency levels are right for you. 

Long Term Use of Men's Incontinence Products

Aside from temporary illnesses and excessive liquid consumption, there are long term reasons an individual of any age may need to purchase an incontinence product as well. Possibilities might include:

  • Bowel or rectal surgeries
  • Radiation
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Spina Bifida

Affecting people of all ages equally across the board, spina bifida is a rare birth defect in which a developing baby’s spinal cord fails to develop properly. Although it can be chronic at times, it can be a lifetime struggle as well. “An increasing number of studies have focused on the medical problems of spina bifida patients and several articles have reported on…incontinence.”(3)

Up to 60% of those with Spina Bifida can suffer from urinary incontinence and consider it as a problem.

Keeping in mind that people of all ages and backgrounds may be purchasing our products, Discreetly Dignified hopes you no longer view incontinence as a shameful or embarrassing obstacle. Just like any other illness one might face in life, protection and prevention can go a long way in making your life easier, and in some cases, effortless.

As one of the best companies that offers adult diaper supplies, Discreetly Dignified always has you covered. If you’re in need of a low absorbency product, our inexpensive Bed Pads for Incontinence will help give you the peace of mind you need to sleep at night.
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