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Low Absorbency Incontinence Products for Women

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Women's Low Absorbency Incontinence Products Online

Buy Adult DiapersIncontinence is absolutely nothing to be even the slightest bit embarrassed about.  It’s a perfectly normal part of aging, and many women even find themselves having bladder leakage issues while pregnant. 

You most likely wouldn’t even believe the amount of people that use our products.  Our name brand adult diapers, pads, and other incontinence products are shipped, free of charge, directly to your front door. 

The packaging is completely neutral, so nobody has to have even the slightest idea what you have ordered.  We even offer an efficient, easy to setup, automatic reorder subscription that best fits with your schedule.

View all of our women's incontinence products of scroll up to see our low absorbency incontinence products for women.

Aging: Helping a Parent or Patient Who Isn’t Open to Incontinence Products

As people age, it can be hard to accept help for the changes occurring within your body. Children often times want to step up to give their parents a helping hand or caregivers are needed for support, but not everyone feels comfortable in situations where they are the ones needing assistance.

Many people avoid pushing people past their points of comfort, hoping that one day they will realize they need the help. Discreetly Dignified wants to assure you that this uncomfortable situation does not have to last long.

Order Our Products Once | You’ll Be Set for a Lifetime

Discreetly Dignified has a system in place that makes ordering our products quick and easy. If your parents experience uncontrolled bowel movements, it’s time they consider, at least, our low absorbency incontinence products. Ask your parents for time to look over our website together. Once you’ve decided on what to order, you can set up your subscription and then your parents will never have to talk about it again with you. It’s simple and will give your parents or patients the privacy they may want.

First: Order Once Online

  • Comb through our selection of protective underwear, pull ups, breezers, underpads, liners, and guards.
  • Your order will be delivered in a highly discreet brown box that only you and your parents will know the containments of.

Second: Pick the Schedule

  • With our flexible incontinence products subscription, you can have your products delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly – skip a month too if you’d like!
  • Add or take away items whenever you’d like. If you only want to write your schedule once, that’s fine, you’ll never have to look at it again.

Third: Possible Cancellation

  • Whether you’re overstocked, night or day, you’re only two clicks away from ending your subscription. It doesn’t matter the reason, it doesn’t matter the time. To cancel your scheduled deliveries, just hop online.

Your parents or patients may not thank you, but they will be thankful. Helping any individual who is going through the aging process may not always be easy, but it must be done to ensure that their quality of life does not diminish as they continue on through their golden years.

Discreetly Dignified offers the best adult diapers for women of any age. Contact us for quality service regarding your female incontinence products today!

Low Absorbency: Small Leaks and Day Use

Our incontinence products for women come in three available absorbency levels. Low, medium, and high. Low absorbency products are best suited for women who know that they are not at risk of large accidents. Old or young, our low absorbency product help protect you against any unwanted embarrassing experiences so you can continue to live life how you want to.

If low absorbency isn’t right for you, our medium absorbency might be better. A meet between low and high absorbency, our middle man option works well for women who know they’re at risk for more than a minor leakage. Best for day and with potential for night wear, you can find our medium absorbency incontinence products for women here.

If you know that you or a loved one is in need of a high absorbency incontinence product, Discreetly Dignified has you covered. Check out our high absorbency incontinence products for women here if you need something you can wear overnight. Again, this is not something to be ashamed of. The different levels have been adjusted to properly suit different levels of incontinence. Remember, asthma and sleep apnea are just as present in U.S. adults as incontinence, and should not be looked at as any different than what you or your loved ones are experiencing.

The best women’s adult diapers for hospitals, in home caregiving, health facilities, and other institutions are all available through Discreetly Dignified. Check out our Best Fit Locator to help you determine what incontinence products are right for you.

Incontinence at the Olympics

With over 18 million adults affected by incontinence every year in the U.S., you are not alone in your struggle with unwanted bowel movements. You’d be surprised to discover who else has your same diagnosis.

Mary Lou Retton

The first American woman to win an All-Around Gold Medal in women’s gymnastics, Mary Lou Retton is a prime example of what you can achieve in life despite having uncontrollable bowel movements. During the 1984 Olympics, Mary Lou garnered more medals than any other athlete that year. Known as one of the most accomplished athletes of all time, you’d never guess that she has incontinence.

As a young woman, Mary Lou ignored her symptoms, believing her short stature of 4’9” was the reason she used the bathroom so often. She recalls sometimes using the bathroom more than 25 times a day for decades. Retton suffered from an overactive bladder, but would not find out until later in life after she had already had four children. Before finding out, she would often times try and limit the amount of water she drank, but managing her incontinence without any products would become difficult over time.

In the end, incontinence has never held Mary Lou Retton back from living her own life. She encourages women of all ages to go out and lead the lives they want, regardless of whatever obstacles they face. With women being more prone to this condition, it’s important that they have access to the best incontinence products available.

Discreetly Dignified also offers men’s adult diapers, pull ups, and guards! Check out our Men’s Incontinence Products Page for more information.


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