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Adult Incontinence Products Absorbency Chart

Low Incontinence View All

Perfect for stress incontinence caused by pregnancy, childbirth, or other factors like a recent prostrate surgery, low absorbency covers small dribbles of leakage.

Medium Incontinence View All

Our medium absorbency products work great for those suffering from urge or mixed incontinence and often referred to as an overactive bladder. These products will keep you covered when there’s more than just occasional leakage.

High/Severe Incontinence View All

When you or your patient is suffering from overflow or functional incontinence, our most high absorbency products will give you peace of mind in knowing you’re covered. These products help protects against the heaviest leaks.

Incontinence: Discreet and Empowering Products

Your Body is Your Business

It’s hard for anyone of any age to talk about their body’s imperfections. Incontinence can feel like one of the more embarrassing flaws your system can face, but companies like Discreetly Dignified makes these topics easier to address.

Whether you’re here for yourself, a loved one, or a patient, we understand discretion is one of your main priorities.

Even though about 20 million Americans may be using incontinence products, you do not want anyone knowing you or your loved ones are. Our plain, blank packaging ensures no one will be able to tell what has been delivered. Whether you’re dealing with temporary or permanent incontinence, you won’t have to worry about any judging eyes.

Other than privacy, it is equally important the products you’re ordering are right for you. From low to high absorbency, Discreetly Dignified offers a range of incontinence products providing protection for daily and even overnight use. We have three absorbency levels available for your incontinence care, but before you buy, check to see which level is right for you:


Our incontinence products are built for men and women of all ages who need protection to live their lives. Empower yourself with our incontinence supplies from Discreetly Dignified. In this day and age, we have the resources available so you can keep living your life how you want regardless of how your body is presently working. With Discreetly Dignified, you can continue to attend family gatherings, share your bed with your partner, and go to work without worrying about the possibility of any embarrassing accidents.

If you’re interested in purchasing our products, check out our How It Works Page to see how easy ordering incontinence products online can be!

Incontinence: A Definition

Understanding the Causes and Types of Incontinence is Important in Understanding Your Own Situation

It’s strange a condition so many people have can bring such strong feelings of shame. Where the stigma around “adult diapers” originated from will never be found, but understanding what incontinence is can help make it easier to accept in your own life. To begin, Incontinence is any accidental or involuntary loss of urine from the bladder or bowel motion, feces, or wind from the bowel. There are different types of incontinence, ranging from temporary and permanent to functional and mixed incontinence. Anyone can be affected, from children to adults, incontinence is more common than you’d realize.

Not All Incontinence is Permanent

Incontinence is most often a symptom of an illness or disease. For this reason, it’s important to talk to your doctor about what you can do to handle your bowel movements. It’s interesting to note almost 80% of patients with incontinence symptoms are able to either cure or improve their incontinence through managements such as:

We understand this is not the case for everyone, but our products should help provide a sense of control over your body to give you the confidence you need again.

Incontinence Causes and Types

Choosing your product often coincides with the type of incontinence you may have. Whether it’s caused by something uncontrollable or you’re experiencing temporary symptoms, there’s nothing to be ash amed of. Different types of incontinence include:

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Whether you have overflow, fecal, or functional incontinence, Discreetly Dignified provides a large selection of highly rated incontinence products and supplies you can order with free shipping directly from the site. We provide pads, briefs, wipes, and other products for your incontinence needs. Our store features products for both men and women, and offer selections for low, medium and high incontinence levels.


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