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Surecare 1130A Disposable Incontinence Pads
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Absorbency High Incontinence

Surecare 11353100 Heavy Absorbency Pads 14.5"

Sure Care by Kendall/Covidien
Product Number: 1130A
SKU: 11353100
12.5" 14.5"
Product Number: 1130A
Product SKU: 1130A
You'll Get168 for $69.99 Availability:In Stock
Size: 14.5"
Style: Shields & Pads
Cost Per Unit: $0.42
Gender: Unisex
(42 in each Bag / 4Bag(s) per Case)
Product Details

Sure Care by Kendall/Covidien 11353100. Sure Care Bladder Control Pads: Sure Care offers Bladder Control Pads in several strengths to offer superior bladder control to women who suffer from all levels of light incontinence. Sure Care Bladder Control Pads are designed to fit the female form and offer maximum comfort, discretion, and protection. An acquisition layer draws fluid in to the super absorbent polymer core, trapping it inside – this helps fight odor and promote skin health. Bladder Control Pads help you maintain your freedom and confidence. Bladder Control Pads can be worn in normal underwear for maximum discretion, or worn with adult diapers for the ultimate level of protection. Sure Care offers bladder pads in moderate, heavy, extra heavy, and nighttime levels of absorbency.

Discreetly Dignified offers a subscription to Sure Care Bladder Control Pads. Receive scheduled deliveries to your door in a discreet brown box. Order as many as you need, and feel free to change or cancel your subscription at any time.

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